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Reflections on DunkirkSome popularly forgotten elements of the events surrounding the Dunkirk evacuation and the fall of France in 1940With Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated 'Dunkirk' hitting cinemas this weekend, some facts surrounding the events of that epic evacuation sometimes deserve a bit more press.
One of the most distressing injustices from a historians' point of view is how the French soldiers who fought and died in 1940 have had their memory sullied by the so-called 'collapse' against the German forces. It is often popularly forgotten that despite being isolated, the French continued to fight against all odds for another month after Dunkirk. Their resistance would continue of course by other means even after official surrender on June 25th. Despite defeat in June 1940, tenacious French resistance made Dunkirk possible.

It is well known that the French, along with the British, Belgians and Dutch were caught by surprise by the speed and direction…